Why more and more A’Level students are opting for Private studies?

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There isn’t a right way to become educated; there are as many ways as there are fingerprints. –John Taylor Getto

Studying A-levels can be challenging especially self-studying where one has to find all the reliable educational resources on their own. Ranging from finding best notes to decent reliable textbooks, from practicing past papers to googling every minute to grasp the concept since there is no tutor to spoon feed the ideas.

Despite all these facts, why more and more students are moving towards private studies? This article studies various reasons why students are interested in private studies.

Normally, there are three types of students, the first ones are those who attend A-level school/college on a daily basis and give their exams at the end of the year without any dependence on external help. The second breed of students is the ones who not only go to school, but also to the coaching centers. Then there is the third type of students who stay at home to study and engage themselves in self-studying.

Below are some of the key reasons why more and more students are opting for private studies?

1. Non-Availability of the teachers:

Teachers are very important when it comes to A-levels studies. However, their non-serious behavior can impact the students’ overall grade. It’s been observed that most of the teachers also teach in Coaching centers or keep private tuitions where they call their students to study in details.

This may help teachers financially, but for students, it’s an additional burden and especially students with struggling background are the most affected ones. That’s why we see quality education accessible to the elite class. Not to forget, this also creates differences within students.

However, as time has progressed and with the reach of smartphones in every hand, students nowadays tend to rely heavily on online learning and trust their googling skills. With this, their parents or guardian do not have to carry the heavy burden of fees.

One of the students told the ‘ecademus team’ that she was striving at school because of various reason, such as running from one coaching center to another and also attending the school on a regular basis. This not only strained her mind but also tied her up in a frenetic schedule.

Taking control of studies helps students toward self-paced learning.

2. Time and energy loss while commuting:

Long distance and commuting issues while going to A’ Level college and tuitions also impact the students in terms of time and energy. Majority of the students complain that their prestigious A-level institutions are far away which double the troubles of students as they have to spend much time in traveling.

In Karachi, there are a number of renowned Educational institutes such as Mama Parsi, Lyceum, Karachi Grammar school(KGS),  St Patrick’s High School and others that reside in a relatively far locality from the majority of the students.

However, a new trend has also been observed that branches of various A-level schools/colleges are opening up in North Nazimabad and near places such as Beaconhouse School System (BSS), or City School have opened their branches in Gulshan areas.

When it comes to the rural part of our country, the situation is extremely worst. Despite that we are living in the 21st century, still, a larger part of our country resides in these rural areas deprived of basic facilities. In most of the rural areas, there are no proper schools.

However, With the advent of online learning, the distances have been reduced and even students from these areas can have access to quality education. There is a huge trend of following Khan’s Academy online education by the Cambridge students, students are having access to the quality lectures. Although it is making a good impact, as the lectures are not available in our local language like Urdu, hence there is a huge drop out ratio as well.

With Ecademus and other local platforms coming in this area with local language and local context, this will eventually help the students at large. This is not only specific to the recorded lectures but also provide complete syllabus coverage, animations, assessment, and past paper coverage.

Hence the flexibility in their schedule let them focus on the areas that require more attention.


In our country Pakistan, better education has been made highly expensive and only accessible to Elite class.  Lowest education level or no education has been made the fate of the common men who have no resources to grab any opportunity to upgrade the standard of their families’ lives.

As a matter of fact, the current educational system has made it virtually impossible for a common man to provide their children with a high standard of education. This evil design is only to pave ways to the ruling class for their own generation and make the conditions miserable for the down-trodden segment of the society. Affording the top notch school and a good tuition center is becoming a dream for a common man.

Again there is a significant increase in the adoption of online learning platforms by the students.

4. Deficit Coverage of the Syllabus:

Due to the lack of time, teachers fail to give full coverage of the past papers which is really crucial for the A-level candidates. The reasons behind could be many but one of the common issues is that teachers may want to take students with their comfortable pace. If the syllabus is not completed on time, this could give them an opportunity to call the students at their tuition centers and take advantage of their situation to ask for preferable fees.

However, if the student is an autonomous learner then he/she can take as many or as few subjects as he/she wishes and choose the syllabus they are most keen on. The student does not need to be restricted to respective courses which are being offered at college nor do they have to follow their foundation tier. Being a private student, give them much power and a sense of relief from financial issues.


Students suffer or regret later by believing the words of mouth from others; or for not letting themselves decide for the future. However, with clarity in mind and proper guidance students can explore their strengths and weaknesses. If a student is future-oriented and serious about studying, then no one can stop his/her individual development.

One of the students told us that after studying privately and making a proper schedule of studies, he has achieved a great sense of satisfaction. Perhaps this is also one of the reasons which is making students opt for private studies; students who prefer to work independently or in small groups are motivated to study privately.

So then what alternative they found to self teach them? Online education and free lectures seem to complement their learning style. With the enclosure of Ed-tech companies in Pakistan, students are hopeful that this may solve the financial issues of studying A-levels in an affordable manner.

Although studying online does require a lot more from the student, starting from taking the responsibility of oneself, determination, rigorous schedule,  independence, motivation, and most important of all, the passion of learning, but these are the qualities one need to have to better future prospects, as well as these, are the qualities that are required at every level from higher studies to professional level.

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