Why more and more A’Level students are opting for Private studies?

March 19, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

There isn’t a right way to become educated; there are as many ways as there are fingerprints. –John Taylor Getto Studying A-levels can be challenging especially self-studying where one has to find all the reliable educational resources on their own. Ranging from finding best notes to decent reliable textbooks, from practicing past papers to googling... View Article

7 Powerful Ways to Reduce Exam Anxiety

February 18, 2019 Published by 1 Comment

‘’Even though I knew the answers but couldn’t write anything due to numbness’’. ‘’I knew the answer but got confused and end up writing the wrong answers’’ Exams season comes every year around March/April and May in Pakistan. During this period we get to hear these statements from the students in response to how they... View Article