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About Ecademus

Ecademus is an online learning platform for O level and A level education online. With the use of interactive Learning Glass technology and state-of-the-art learning platform. Ecademus aims to provide all students of O level , A level and other accountancy bodies top class quality education from leading educators of Pakistan.

Ecademus is not just about online lectures uploaded on LMS (Learning Management System), in fact on top of that, the courses offered include online assessments,notes, and frequent live webinar sessions for proper resolution of student queries, etc. Online lectures include detailed discussion of topics along with practical solutions and comprehensive past paper coverage.

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The ecademus is a platform that solely exists to provide affordable, accessible and high-quality education to those students who want first-rate education at a relatively low cost. We mentor students with advance and engaging techniques as well as offer the interactive content so that students fall in love with studies again and develop the irresistible passion for learning. In order to maintain such quality of education, ecademus only appoint highly qualified instructors to teach at our platform. In order to create such techniques, the ecademus has employed state of the art technology, and highly qualified and experienced teachers.

A Platform

for Teachers
The ecademus is an online learning platform designed for the students of A-level across Pakistan and which can be accessed 24/7 anywhere, anytime with an internet connection. At ecademus, we have developed a unique style of teaching where we have utilized a mix of technology and conventional teaching style to create an engaging learning experience for the students. Interactive, fun, personalized and easy to understand, these are some of the qualities that can be found in our lectures. These features have been made possible by the presence of renowned and experienced instructors.

A Platform

for Teachers
The innovations of ecademus are not only limited to facilitating the students but they are equally facilitating teachers and institutes as well. Equipped with state of the art technology and power of the internet The ecademus have got what it takes to make its institutes and teacher to go global and become their own brand by eliminating geographical boundaries between them and their students. Unlike conventional institutes, ecademus allows teachers to undergo hassle-free teaching where there is no class disturbance during the lecture. The instructors just have to record the lectures and they can earn for the lifetime.