P@sha ICT Award Winner 2019

Our Platform is Gold award winner of the “Best in Education” category at The Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT & ITES (P@SHA) 16th Annual ICT Awards.



Recorded Lectures

Lectures are delivered in a recorded format so students can study conveniently at their own speed anywhere, anytime.



Recorded lectures are accessible through desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phones. All you need is a reliable internet connection.



The ecademus is a value-added platform where students can connect with their teachers from time to time through live sessions. Here the teachers are not restricted by the lack of resources; they may utilize digital writing pads, exceptional multimedia presentations and interactive strategies to create an engaging, fun and enjoyable live sessions.



Apart from the teachers’ unique and engaging style, we have employed beautiful and skillfully crafted animations to make lecture engaging and effective. As the use of animations can breakdown the complicated concept into easy chunks to take in as well as make the abstract concepts presentable.



The ecademus is not just following unconventional teaching methodology but it also provides a complete learning solution. After each lecture students can assess their knowledge about the topic through MCQs based self-assessment test



Past papers have always been an influential medium when it comes to exam preparation. The ecademus learning management system carries a bank of past papers that are systematized according to CAIE standards.

Study online
How to Enroll

Register 1

Register using Google or Facebook login. No need to fill lengthy forms just a click and you get registered already.

Select a Course 2

Once you get registered at the ecademus website, select a course you want to study from the available courses list.

3 Enroll

Press “Take the course” and follow enrollment process step by step. Pay fee online through JazzCash voucher, Debit/Credit card or simply transfer amount to company’s bank account.

4 Start Studying

Once the fee is paid, you will be granted access to EdBox our learning management system where you can immediately start taking lectures online.

Watch Sample Lectures